The best films and documentaries
newly awarded in international festivals.

About the Festival

About the Festival

The Queer Popcorn festival is composed by three sections: the international short film competition, the national amateur short film competition – dedicated to everyone - and a selection of films and documentaries newly awarded in international festivals. The festival’s philosophy is to present films treating socially or politically committed subjects but also humorous ones: the public is challenged by important topics that stimulate discussion and, at the same time, we also want to provide a friendly and relaxed atmosphere where socialization is encouraged during the “Apéros” taking place in the evenings, for instance. Queer Popcorn represents a unique opportunity for the public to discover stories that wouldn’t be screened in our cinemas.
Queer is an umbrella term that indicates the refusal of normative identities, societies or politics. Sexual orientation and gender identity cannot be reduced to binary alternatives. Queer people don’t see the point in defining people as bisexual, homosexual, transgender or heterosexual: what really matters is to be recognized as a person who has the right to live and love without being considered as unequal to the majority.

About us

About us

The Queer Popcorn Festival is an event promoted by Imbarco Immediato, which is a LGBT association founded in Bellinzona in 2006. The Queer Popcorn Festival is one of the many initiatives our association offers to anyone who’s directly or indirectly touched by topics related to sexual identity – and also LGBT friends – with the main aim to encourage socialization and mutual exchange in a friendly environment. The association’s committee, members and friends are engaged in the activities as volunteers. Queer Popcorn highly benefits from the collaboration with the Circolo del cinema di Bellinzona, an independent entity that has been promoting various local film festivals for 40 years.
Our aim

Our aim

The Queer Popcorn festival is thought as an event that can bring people together by sharing a common cinematic experience. We believe that such a cultural and social exchange can be both significant – approaching social and political subjects - and also entertaining and funny.


Queer PopCorn is realized with the support of the following sponsors who are committed to the dissemination of film culture.

Imbarco Immediato
Queer Amnesty
Città di Locarno

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The organization of Queer PopCorn can be reached at the Associazione Imbarco Immediato


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